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Chapter 1

Sword of the Future(Chapter 1)
by Mr.Y



Kenshin went out of his beach house and looked out onto the water.The sun was just rising so the water was a scarlet color,the color of blood.Kenshin was thinking of his past were he was known to be very violent and killed any man that crossed his path.He was thinking of a particular day, the day Miss Karou left him.


1 Month Earlier

'Uncle Ken, Uncle Ken!" called Ayame. "Are you there?"

Kenshin moaned, he rolled over and mumbled. "Yes, I am" Kenshin yawned, "What is it Ayame?"

Ayame pointed towards the door. "A fat man is outside and he says he needs to talk to you!"

Kenshin yawned again, stretched his arms and said

"Can you tell him I will be out as soon as I get dressed?"

"Sure Uncle Kenny!" Ayame said, as she grinned a big grin. She rant through the door and yelled, "MISTER MISTER! UNCLE KEN SAYS HE WILL BE OUT IN A MINUTE!!!!!"

Kenshin rolled over to the side and got off the bed, opened his dresser and got out a pair of baggy jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Oh, so your Kenshin huh?" the fat man said.

That man is twice this size of a car...if he wants to fight, he better watch it.

Kenshin yawned. "Yeah, I'm Kenshin how can I help ya sir?" The fat man looked around and reached into his pocket for something. "I want to know if your interested in this..." He showed Kenshin some car keys. "Hmm, are those car keys?" Kenshin asked. "Why yes they are," the fat man said, "They go to the new 2003 Benz Convertible!" Kenshin eyed him suspiciously.

"How can I get those keys from you???" He asked. The fat man smiled. "Just hand me your Sakaba, and you can have the sword and the car." Kenshin smiled. "Deal." The fat man grinned. "A wise choice, thank you for doing buissness." Kenshin ran into the house in glee. "Ayame, I'll be going out for a while, watch the house." He grabbed some old NSS shoes, and ran down the road. He quickly took the keys out of his pocket and clicked the alarm. He jumped inside and put the key into the ingnition.

"Haha!" Kenshin Laughed "This car kicks ass, I wonder if it comes with anyting in the CD player?" He pushed the play/pause button, and a voice played.

You must be the great grandson of the legendary Battousai!!! Kenshin Himura!

I see you have kept your great grandfathers sword, and you own your own dojo.

Well, Battousai none of that will matter. Since you pressed the play button your car will now EXPLODE! HAHAHAHAH...Fool! I will make sure the legend is never past on!


Kenshin proceeded to jump out of the car and landed in the parking lot of a gas station.

"What did he mean, Battousai??"


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