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A Day At the Beach

A Day at the Beach
by Mr. Y

It was the hottest day it had been at the Kamiya Dojo in months....
The swelting heat of the Dojo made Kenshin come up with an idea.He annouced,  "We should all go to the beach." Everyone cheered and rushed to pack their bags. They then ran to the train station and got on the train to go to the beach.When they arrived the beach was quiet and empty. Yahiko jumped right into the water, followed shortly by Sano. Kenshen setup the towels and the umbrellas.Then Karou walked by. She was wearing a tight nice suit. She was wearing a thong and the top was so small her breasts almost stuck up out of the suit. Kenshin's cock got so long an hard by seeing this. Karou turned around to see what Kenshin was doing and Yahiko and Sano saw exactly what Kenshin saw. A nice tight ass. They both got hard at this and came out the water. Karou saw their long boners and got wet between her legs. Yahiko got up and undid her suit so her big round tits stuck out, while Sano undid the thong. Karou wanted them to fuck her so bad, she ripped off Kenshin's robe and began to suck his hard cock, as Yahiko found out how round and tight her ass actually was.Kenshin started fuckin her in the mouth, and Yahiko fucked her ass until he came.He got his cum all over her back and in her hair.Sano came all over her face after he had fucked her tits. Karou moaned "Kenshin do you want my wet pussy?" Kenshin replied "Yes, Miss Karou." Kenshin slowly shoves his cock into her. "That feels soooo good Kenshin..." Karu moaned. Kenshin pumped in and out so hard that Karou screamed and Kenshin came all inside of her. They all cleaned off and headed back to the dojo.