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Karou's Night Alone

Karou's Night Alone
By Seiteki-Kouchou

Karou laid on her bed, half-asleep, her kimono opened wide to see her plump Luscious breasts. It had been two years since Kenshin had been here, and those two years were full of good fucks. Thinking of Kenshin made Karou's pussy wet, and she rubbed it masturbating in ecstacy. She moaned Kenshin's name as she fondled her breasts, imagining it was Kenshin touching and rubbing them and touching them. Her breath  was short and shallow as she gasped in pleasure as she rammed her fingers up her pussy, imagining that Kenshin's 10 inch cock was fucking her. She rammed her fingers in and out, and like the sweet cum off them like it was Kenshin's sperm. She stared to stick her other fingers up her tight asshole. She imagined Kenshin and Sano fucking her both ways, She screamed  louder and louder and the bed creaked. Karou took out her anal fucking hand and started to lick her tits. They turnedhard and red. Then Karou had an excellently horny idea. She took a vibrator and shoved it up her pussy. She shook in the waves of sexual pleasure. Her big tits bounced up and down as she vibrated. She felt close to her climax, and wet cum vibrated all over the bed and the vibrator, as she came she gripped the sheets and yelled "OH, KENSHIN!!" She then licked all the cum off her wet tits and her pussy. Karou laid there completly fucked. Bathed in cum, she fell asleep and dreamt, more about her love for Kenshin.