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Character Bios

Himura Kenshin (Kenshin Himura)

Once a infamous killer know as Hitokiri Battosai (man slayer) Kenshin turned away from the path of death and destruction. He ran into Karou, a young girl with a failing dojo. Kenshin offered his services to help her. Kenshin is still feared and hated by many people, but the people of Japan are starting to see him as a Defender of the Weak. He wields the Reverse Blade sword(Sakaba), a sword where the end where the blade should be is dull. This further helps Kenshin in his never ending quest to stop killing.


Kamiya Karou (Kaoru Kamiya)
Karou runs a dojo, which she teachs the Kamiya Kasshin style. With her run in with Kenshin, they have become good friends. Karou shows a do I towards Kenshin? Yeah thats what I would call it. Well, besides being the main female character in Rurouni Kenshin, she also can hold her own in battle, using her wooden bokken. Warning: Karou is prone to violent mood swings.


Myojin Yahiko (Yahiko Myojin)
Yahiko was once a petty orphan theif, who's father was a samurai. However, he ran into Kenshin and Kaoru, he was taken in as a Kamiya Kasshin student. He has a wicked drive to suceed, and wants to one day use his skills as a great swordsman.


Sagara Sanosuke (Sanosuke Sagara)
Sanosuke was at first involved with Kenshin because he was hired to kill him. Sanosuke has a troubled past, and was an orphan at a young age. After Kenshin easily defeats Sanosuke, they become best friends, and fight together.


Hajime Saito(Saito Hajime)
Saito was the leader of the 3rd Squad of the Shinsengumi, a force in the revouloution that were enemies with Kenshin. Saito has almost no sense of humor and if he has any, it is dry and heartless. Saito is almost a complete opposite of Kenshin and wishes for Kenshin to return to being the Battousai. He believes Kenshin has become weak within the 10 years. Saito also has a very cynical sense to him. He has no side, nor good nor evil, more of a "Bad good guy".


Makimachi Misao (Misao Makimachi)
Misaos the youngest of the Oniwa Banshu. Her father, the former leader of the Oniwa Banshu, left her under the care of the warriors of his group. She's not exactly your typical 16 year old Japanese girl growing up Japan. Being raised by warriors, she's become quite deadly with her weapon of choice. Her devotion to her commerades is complete, but particularly to her childhood crush, Aoshi, the leader of the Oniwabanshu. The spunky young girl Aoshi helped raise, is now a beautiful young woman deadly with her ninja skills and determined to stand beside Aoshi, the man she loves.


Shishio Makoto (Makoto Shishio)
Makoto Shishio is the leader of the Juppon Gatana. He was burned by the Meji Goverment, and his whole body is wrapped in bandages to hide his burns. Shishio wants nothing less than to take over all  Japan. His sword takes the oils of its victims bodies and causes the sword to catch on fire. His sword skills are very good, but he can only fight in 15 minute spans or he will overheat and die, because he cannot sweat.


Soujiro Seta (Seta Soujiro)
Soujiro was raised by a very cruel family, and was forced to work day and night, constantly, or he would be brutally beaten. He was almost killed by how harsh they were to him. Upon discovering the burnt body of Makoto Shishio, he started to bring food and bandages to the burnt man. His family found out and decided to Soujiro because he was betraying the family. Right before they do though, Soujiro cracks and uses Shishio's sword and kills off his family. After that Soujiro showed no emotion.