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The Movies(Modern Day Kenshin Fanfic)
By Mr.Y

Modern Day Kenshin Fanfiction


The Movies

Kenshin pulled to Kaoru's house in his white benz, and knocked on the door.
Kaoru answered, with nothing but a t-shirt on. She whispered close to kenshin's ear.
"I don't have any panties on..." she smiled. Kenshin got hard, but ignored her. "Come on
Kaoru its time to go to the movies.." He said, rather surprised. So, they got into the car
and sped off towards the nearest movie theater. They were going to see a new movie, but
they really had no intention of seeying a movie at all. By the time they go their the
last showing was in about ten minutes, and it stared at eleven. When they finally got
into their seats, they began to almost make out immediatly. In the back row, Kenshin
rubbed Kaoru's boobs together and she got horny and wet. "Oh, Kenshin I want you now,
I need you now!" Kaoru unzipped her pants and spread her legs. "Fuck me Kenshin, Fuck me!"
As kenshin fucked her pussy he said, "Miss Karou, your so tight.." Kaoru moaned..

"Ohh Kenshin that feels sooo good..." Kaoru jerked around until she finally came all
over the seats. But Kenshin was not going to stop, he kept fucking her, and forced her to
give him a blowjob, then he came all over her hair and in her mouth.They clean up all the cum with a towel and walked to the parking lot.
 After the movie
they sped back to Kaoru's house, where Kaoru told Kenshin it was getting late, he could spend the night
if he wanted. Kenshin quietly agreed. He walked up stairs and stripped to nothing but some boxers.
Then Kaoru came out, in a net robe. You could see how the robe hugged every inch of her sexy figure.
She whispered quietly, "Kenshin that break was fun. But I need you. I love you. I dont want to just have sex with you, I want love."
"I love you Kaoru." Kaoru then crept towards Kenshin and purred like a cat. She took off her robe and undid his boxers.
"Love me kenshin!" She yelled. Kenshin proceed to take his now very hard cock and fuck Kaoru in the pussy.
"Aaaahhh..Kenshin that feels soooo goood.." She moaned as she rocked back and forth to Kenshin's hip movements.
Kenshin grinded back and forth, teasing her, and not giving her his whole cock. Then he plunged into Kaoru, full force. This time
they both didnt last very long. They both came. "I love you Kaoru." Said Kenshin. "I love you too Kenshin." They smiled and fell asleep.

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