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Sweaty Hot Springs

Hot Sweaty Springs (A Lemon Short)
by Seiteki-Kouchou

The Hot Sweaty Springs



Today the Kenshin Gang would be goin to the Hot Springs resort. Everyone was so excited. They had beem planning this trip for months, and Kenshin and the gang were ready for some R&R. When the boys reached the check-in, they stripped down to their swimming trunks and went outside to hang up their towels. Megumi and Kaoru got changed, and they hung up their towls too. Kaoru went out first and got into the water. She was immediatly feeling hot. She moaned. The water hugged her body, it sqeezed her tits, and made her pussy wet.


Meanwhile, Megumi got down into the water too...she also felt the ecstatic feel. Her huge tits felt warm and they hardend. She moaned and she reached through her bathing suit to masturbate. Her pussy was wet..and she massaged it as she relaxed in the water.



The guy wrestled in there side of the spa. "Haha kenshin I bet I could throw you to the girls side!" said Sano. "Wait! Sano! Noooo!"

Kenshin went flying over the bushes and into the girls side of the pool, landing between Megumi and Kaoru.


Both Kaoru and Megumi were so horny they both wanted to fuck Kenshin. So Megumi took off her bikini and rubbed her body up against Kenshins legs...Kenshin got hard, just like she liked her cock. Megumi started to take off his shorts, and suck on his long hard dick. Kaoru took off her bathing suit and started to hump Kenshin from the back.."Oh Kenshin...uh...ah..." She licked his neck and felt this warm chest..he felt so close. So loving.


"Sano! You idiot you threw Kenshin!!" yelled Yahiko. " he's probaly having fun over there..."

"Well Yahiko if I threw'd be in the United States now." joked Sano.

"Arggg!" Yahiko jumped on Sano punching him in the face. Sano didn't feel it.

"Yahiko. I hate to say this but your lacking in some <ahem> other areas too." Sano Snickered.



Megumi sucked Kenshin's hard cock and licked the head. Kaoru rubbed her hard nipples against Kenshin's back as she humped him. "Uh...ah...ohhh.." Kaoru moaned. Kenshin laid back and he seemd lost in pleasure. "Oh dick is sooo long..stick it into my hot pussy.."moaned Megumi. Kenshin plunged his spear deep into Megumi, and started to pump in and out. Kaoru got on top of Kenshin and whispered, "Kaoru's been a bad girl..... she needs a anal fuck." Kenshin then took his fingers and rammed them up Kaoru's ass, while feeling her round buns with his other hand, as Megumi recieved the best fuck of her life. Kaoru screamed, and it could be heard throughout the whole resort.


"What the hell was that Sano?" asked Yahiko.

Sano was asleep. "DAMN YOU!! >.< Wake up!"


Meanwhile Kenshin was still group banging the girls, and now Megumi was humping Kenshin, while Kaoru got her tits fucked and a hot cock in her mouth. She sucked it like a puppy dog. "Oh...Kenshin....uh...uhhh..." Moaned Megumi as she rode Kenshin's back.

Just then, Kenshin came all over Kaoru's tits and mouth. Megumi humped Kenshin until she could no more and cummed all over his back. Kaoru licked up all of Kenshin's seed, and then came herself, spewing it all on Kenshin's face. "Thank you ladies." Said Kenshin. He washed off, picked up a towel and walked away. The girl quickly cleaned themselves off and hurried to catch up. Kenshin stopped. "Hmm arent we forgetting something??" The two girls exchanged glances. "Nah." And they all start back to the dojo.




"Sano? Sano you awake?"

"Yeah....oh crap its night time.."

Both of them: "Guys....GUYS!?"

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