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Kaoru's Day Off

Kaoru's Day Off
by Seiteki-Kouchou

Kaoru's Day Off

Part One of the Romancing Rurouni Saga

It was a wonderful day at the Kamiya Dojo. The sun was bright and the trees were green with beauty. Kenshin was washing the clothes. He made sure he washed them extra clean, like Ms. Kaoru liked them. Yahiko was practicing his moves with the Bokken, and Sano was punching a straw dummy outside. Kaoru stared out of the dojo door, it was a beautiful day, and she was missing it all. Not only was she missing the day, but she was nude, since Kenshin was too lazy to finish up with the laundry. Her chest felt warm in the covers, but she wanted Kenshin. No matter how many moves she tried on Kenshin, she couldnt get him to love her. She wanted to hold Kenshin tight, and feel warm. She wanted to make love to him. Just then, Kenshin walked into the room. "Miss Kaoru, your cloths are...." He stopped. He saw Kaoru giving him a seductive look.

"M-m-miss..." Kaoru walked up to Kenshin, and kissed him. "Miss Kaoru, we shouldnt be doing this..." he mumbled. But he leaned into Kaoru, kissing her passionatly. "Kenshin, I need you now...please.." Kenshin took off his robe and laid it down. Kaoru and Kenshin fell onto the floor, moaning and kissing. Finally, Kenshin removed his pants, and Kaoru bagan to tease him. She played around with the head of his spear, then plunged it into her mouth. Kenshin moaned as Kaoru gave him a blowjob. Kaoru stopped, however, and got on top of Kenshin. "Oh Kenshin...fuck me." Kenshin wanted to hold back, because this was their first time making love with each other, but he only got to think one second longer, because Kaoru drove herself into Kenshin. She rocked up and down while Kenshin pulled his cock in and out of her. She moaned and Kenshin fucked her and she licked her tits. Suddenly, Kenshin took control and started to fuck miss Kaoru standing up, holding her by her tight ass. "Oooh Kenshin!!" She screamed as they rocked back and forth passionatly. But Kenshin wasn't done teasing her. He started to suck on one of her nipples hungrily. Kaoru was so lost in pleasure, she could no longer rock back and forth. Kenshin felt to warm to her. Like a protecter, someone who she could love forever and always. She wanted to feel closer to him. She needed him. "KENSHIN!!!" she dove herself deep into Kenshin, and Kenshin came all inside of Kaoru's warmth. Soon after Kaoru had an orgasm. They both lay there, completly wiped out. Kenshin started to redress. "Kaoru, I love you I'll be back, I have some buisness to attend to."

The End of Part I

Next will be Part Two, Kaoru's Love