The New Saga

These are all the factions in Kindateki, such as the Sword Police etc.....

Sword Police- The protecters of most small towns, they dress in kimono's, and carry a katana at all times, though severly under powered the Sword police are good hearted and accomplish most fights in groups.
Tokyo Police- Strict, and easy to break down on law breakers. They carry guns and laser swords, and rely on machines to get the work done, discarding the honor philosophy.
High Order- The High Order is a ground of humans, dragons, and dragon-people, who constantly endanger Kindateki. They are usually weak, but if they were ever to organize and arise, the High Order would be able to over take all of Kindateki and name it for the dragons.
Water Angels- Now an almost extinct Race, the water angels have had their entire civilization destroyed to the High Order...now about 300 survive.
Hill Youkai- The Hill Youkai are cat people who live in the hills of Kindateki. They pretty much are kind hearted but are shy. They accept 1/2 youkai, 1/3,youkai and even 1/4 youkai's but no less than that. They live in huts usually and like to swim and basket weave.
The Nakait- The ninja's that were once killed by Sycle and Enjou still exist and are planning something...but no one knows what....
Heaven- The allience of SHK the Almighty and other higher angels, they fight along side with all good alliences