The New Saga

Enjou of Flaming Hands


Enjou was born and raised on a farm in the middle of Kindateki. He lived a very good life, and was able to look forward to clean meals everyday and a home to sleep in. Soon that would change for little Enjou Hitoshi....Enjou was takin in the middle of the night, and his parents were killed. He was takin to a laboratory where he would be experminteted on by Dr.Nakaito, and evil doctor who was a professional at mutation. Thousands of other children were also with Enjou, being expermintented on with genetics. Enjou was exposed a 00000000.1 percentage of the dragon gene. Givin this gene, it activated a strange mutation inside of Enjou...Flaming hands. Enjou grew until he had aged to be 16. He trained constantly to make himself better until one day, he stumbled upon his "fathers" papers on his desk...they told the truth. Enraged, Enjou broke out of the underground lab through a sewer system. From that day forward he vowed revenge on Nakaito for what he did to him and his family.
Age: Somewhere between 16 and 17
Powers: Flaming Hands

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