The New Saga

History of Kindateki

Kindateki Japan, as the continent is known as, was formed in 3193, when the continents drifted apart. A piece of China broke off and collided with Japan. When the continent had finally molded together in 4290, the Kindatekians, or Chijanese, developed their own culture. Basing their culture upon old religious and honor values, but also on technology, led to a rich culture. Many people still carried around feudal weaponry out of respect for the past. The capital of Kindateki remains Tokyo. Tokyo city is where the Tokyo Military are in control. Laser-Swords, Tractor beams, and guns are in their arsenal because they have chosen to somewhat disregard the smaller villages honor philosophy. Many children born in Tokyo are given swords as weapons at an early age, to train with. The high skycrapers and occasional cherry blossem trees fill the city.As children grow up in Kindateki, most of them become Sword Police. They wander the lands looking for crimes to stop. The largest mountain on Kindateki remains mount Fugiyama. The continent of Kindateki is huge. It consists mainly of grassland and cherry blossom and bamboo forests. Many small villages dot the continent. The people always live by the Honor Code. The year currently in Kindateki is 5194.

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