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Webmaster of the site and main writer and site editor. Usually the one to post tradtional fics and lemons, he's the one who comes up with only half the ideas! Without his friend where would he be? Still on paper!
 Contact Him: or IM him at thekmfkobession if you have AIM.
Always one to keep behind the scenes Mr.Y is Seiteki's right hand man
 and the other half of their ideas. If anythin new is introduced it might just be his idea! He's the second in command and defintly a reliable source for pics, info and writing...but not as good as Seiteki ^_^
Contact him: or IM him at generalquartz at AIM.
Furyou Houshi
One of our newer members he has taken the responsibility of
writing our G PG PG-13 fics, and is one of the new staff.
Ti of Wavehaven
Also one of our new writers, he'll be helping Houshi out with the Normal Fics.
Chaingunner is another new member to our staff! Yay!
(I really need to figure out what to put under these people)