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Welcome to the KMFA

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Welcome to the KMFA, or the Kenshin Fanfiction and Media Archive...heh, don't shy away, we are the best Kenshin Fanfic site on the net! Yeah, we are pretty good. Me an and my best friend, mrY, run this site, enjoy it. 
We love to write lemons that we do, but we also write other types of Fanfiction, so make sure to check out our normal Fanfiction submitted by the staff.

Yes for the lemons....make sure your of appropriate age ^_^

We also show some pics, hentai pics and normal Rurouni Kenshin pics. I hope you enjoy those also. Though we are a fanficition website, we can still post images of our favorite Anime Series! If you have any lemon fanfics to send in, or hentai fanart or normal fan art, email me at or Mr. Y at