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Rurouni Kenshin Pics
Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Kenshin watched in horror as the car sped towards a local resturaunt and exploded into pieces. Kenshin landed on the top of an 18-Wheeler. The 18-wheeler pulled out, and while swearving to get Kenshin off, it collided with a telephone pole. Kenshin was thrown off the 18-wheeler and into a deparmant store window.

Knocked out by the blast, Kenshin had also hit glass, causing him to lose blood quickly. The store owner quickly called 911, they managed to put out the flames and put him into a stretcher....the ambulance rushed him to the nearest hospital, where his girlfriend Kaoru worked at. When she saw Kenshin come in, she started to cry.

"Oh Kenshin...what have you done to yourself..." She cryed as another nurse comforted her.

"Its no use mam, he's out cold..."

"Oh Kenny, what happened..."

He was rushed to the E.R and he was pronounced to have a coma.


"Wake up Battousai!" said a man with a grey beard, and a sword on his back.

"Why the hell does everyone call me that?"

"Thats not your problem, I am here to avenge my mothers death."

"Your mother??"

"Yes, Battousai, you killed her 5 years ago."

"I've never killed anyone in my whole life."


The sword came down right where Kenshin's head would have been, if he had'nt jumped up. Kenshin looked around. They were in a dojo at nighttime, and there was a full moon out. He could hear the sound of horses, and he noticed he had his great grandfathers sword in his hand.

"What is going on...."


The man came charging at him with the sword. Kenshin jumped in the air and did a flip behind the man. He swung his grandfathers sword at the mans head. Luckily, Kenshin hit, and the man laid on the floor, knocked out. Kenshin sheathed his sword and walked over to the mirror. He was wearing a pink and white kimono.

"What is going on....?"

"Uncle Kenny, did you get that evil man who was trying to hurt us?" asked Ayame and Suzume

"Um..yes I did." He looked around. "Do you know what the date is??"

"Its June 5, 1867."

"Did you just say 1867!?"

"Yes." Suzume and Ayame looked at each other. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine" answered Kenshin. "I'm just a little tired."

"Maybe you need some rest Uncle Kenny."

"Sure..why not.."

Kenshin went into his room and went to sleep.

Kenshin woke up in a hospital bed.


This is definitly a hosipital. He noticed he was wearing a white hosipital robe.

What is going on???

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